WYNK. Beauty Co tolerates only acceptance and inclusivity, creating a haven for those who may not have one. Here at WYNK., we make conscious efforts towards a more eco-friendly, charity-based, and accessible environment. On the 11th of every month, 11% of the month's featured product's net proceeds get donated towards a charity or foundation that we stand behind. This month's featured product is The Silhouette Palette.


Chicago Community Bond Fund

    January 2021, we are raising money for The Chicago Community Bond Fund (CCBF). CCBF helps pay bonds for people charged with a crime in Cook County, Illinois, through a revolving fund, supporting those whose communities cannot afford to pay bonds and those impacted by structural violence. The inability to pay bonds directly results in longer sentencing, loss of housing and jobs, higher conviction rates, separation of families, and children's custody loss. CCBF restores the presumption of innocence before trial and enables recipients to remain free while fighting their cases. CCBF is committed to long-term relationship building and organizing with people most directly impacted by criminalization and policing.  
    The Chicago Community Bond Fund consists of nearly 100 volunteers, making its initial public debut in November of 2015. Two weeks after the murder of Michael Brown, killed by Ferguson, Missouri, police, Chicago police shot and killed Black, 17 years old, DeSean Pittman. During Pittman's vigil, police came and disrupted the memorial by threatening attendees, shouting racial slurs, and knocking over the candles lit in memory of the late DeSean Pittman, ending in an arrest of five of DeSean's friends and family members. Those arrested were then incarcerated into the Cook County Jail because they could not afford a money bond. Future founding members of CCBF worked with DeSean's family to raise nearly $300,000 to free everyone arrested at the vigil. It took four months to raise enough money to free DeSean's cousin, the last person left in jail. After he was finally released, his mother stated that it should not take months to have gotten her child out of jail. She and others impacted by the arrests at the vigil began working with activists from across the county to launch The Chicago Community Bond Fund. From the past fourth year of fundraising, CCBF paid over $550,000 to secure the freedom of 108 people.
    Along with freeing people through their revolving fund, Chicago Community Bond Fund is organizing to end money bonds and pretrial incarceration in Illinois. Much of their advocacy for policy change is done in collaboration with other organizations, including as part of the Coalition to End Money Bond. You can learn more about The Chicago Community Bond Fund and ways you can help make a difference at


What Can You Do To Help?

 On the 11th of the month, we will donate 11% of the net proceeds for The Silhouette Palette towards The Chicago Community Bond Fund. Inspired by the art of dancing and learning to love your body, The Silhouette Palette includes 4 beautiful colors that are suitable for everyone and all shades. Rich hues of reds and orange reminiscent of a sultry island getaway.
    The idea of policing evolved from slave patrols. You cannot reform a system built on racism and systematic oppression. Almost exactly six years after the murder of Eric Garner by the New York Police Department, with the murder of George Floyd, protestors and activists are still shouting, "I Can't Breathe." The demand for the deconstruction of law enforcement is at an all-time high. When people ask for police reform, what is being asked is that the otherwise money would be invested into institutions, resources, and services that help communities grow and thrive. Each year, state and local governments spend nearly $100 billion on law enforcement - not including billions of more dollars in federal grants and resources. Funneling so many resources towards law enforcement instead of education, affordable housing, and accessible healthcare causes significant harm to communities. 1 in 1,000 Black men can expect to be killed by police, the leading cause of Black men's death. Police violence is a public health issue. For too long, the focus on police reform has been dominated by reforms that try to reduce policing harms rather than rethink the police's overall role in society. Activists are joining together to change that narrative and to defund law enforcement. To learn more about the national issue of defunding the police, you can visit
With the current climate of The United States, we are demanding justice for various lives lost to police violence and government officials' senseless acts. Many protestors have been arrested or sent to jail. Change starts within the communities. The National Bail Fund Network is made up of over eighty bail and bond funds across the country. You can visit to find where you can help not only protest bail funds but emergency relief, immigration cases, and pretrial causes as well.